What can I expect? CHURCH.

But church is not supposed to be the predictable, status quo-institution that it sometimes becomes. The earliest church met in a temple and from house to house, day by day – and they turned their world upside down. So we follow their lead. We meet in large groups and small groups, in jails and living rooms and auditoriums. Church is not a building, it’s not a place. That’s why you can’t really go to church any more than you can go to you.

What does a weekend gathering look like?

Bring your kids, your roommates, your questions, your doubts. It’s a safe place for kids. It’s a safe place for doubts (no one will look down on you, no matter where you’re at on your journey). But Jesus might just challenge your assumptions.

Don’t stress your clothes. You’d probably feel just as comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, or a suit and tie. Don’t stress where to go. As you drive on to our facility, someone will help you find a parking spot and show you the way.

Each gathering has a message from the Scriptures and the opportunity to respond in worship and giving, but not necessarily in that order. The music varies and includes style ranges from gospel, hymns, comtemporary, rock, and more. Our worship team represents different cultures and creative expressions, so you can expect anything. Our aim is to please God, not just perform for people.

It’s important that you feel welcome when you worship with us.

From the moment you arrive at Anointed Dove, we want you to feel like an honored member of our family. We want your time at Anointed Dove to be an encouraging and life-changing experience.

Members of our Welcome Team are positioned at the entrance to greet you, guide you into the sanctuary, and answer any questions you may have. Simply put, we’re here to serve you.

You can expect a Bible-based message that will impact your life.

Our messages challenge you to not only learn God’s word, but to live God’s word. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of scripture during this time of preaching that will empower you to overcome life’s challenges.